Monday, February 4, 2013

DmC Doesn't Sell As Well As Planned

The recently released Devil May Cry has had a bit of a rocky start to say the least for the game. It was announced today that since the games release on January 15th the game has shipped only 1 million units on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. These numbers do not include the sales on the PC platform as well, but things aren't looking to good for the developer Ninja Theory right now.

The estimated sales numbers for the game was 2 million by March 31st of this year. Since the news hit today Ninja Theory has slashed its sales projections to 1.2 million by the same time frame. These sales numbers come at an even greater hit due to the fact that the recent Devil May Cry 4 had shipped 2 million units in the first two weeks of release alone. 

Since the announcement from Ninja Theory that this new Devil May Cry was going to be a reboot in the franchise people have been very skeptical. People don't really know where Ninja Theory plans to go after this and were not sure if Ninja Theory even knows where to go. This can definitely be viewed as a sign that Ninja Theory needs to change up their strategy with upcoming games and figure out how to win back the hearts and sales of gamer's. 

Cameron Deao

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