Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sony Dropping Classic DualShock Controller For PS4

Many gamer's have spent hours upon hours playing games on the classic dual shock controller for PlayStation 1, 2, and 3, but this classic piece of gaming equipment may not be here for the next console. Multiple sources have reported that Sony has put time into researching development for a controller with an LCD touch-screen on the front and biometrics on the back. This controller design and layout is very similar to the PS Vita that Sony had released last year. 

Sony has yet to comment on whether or not these sources of information are actually true. If these sources are true this is a risky move for Sony due to multiple reasons. The classic dual shock controller had been established on the PlayStation 1 back in 1997 and remained on every PlayStation console since then. Sony had even considered using a different controller code named 'banana pad' for the PlayStation 3. This idea of altering the controller was replaced by the dual shock upon the public disagreement on changing the controller.

Will Sony take the risk of changing their controller for the upcoming PlayStation? What is your opinion on this rumor of changing the controller? Do you want to use a different controller after using the dual shock for nearly 16 years?

Cameron Deao

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