Monday, January 7, 2013

One Year Live Stream Celebration Highlight Voting Instructions

All Around Gamer's is approaching the one year mark for us live streaming on an incredibly consistent basis. Thanks to you guys watching at home and hanging out with us we've all had some incredibly fun memories that we will never forget. Some of these hilarious memories were highlighted and uploaded to YouTube for you guys and anyone else to watch over and over again. 

To celebrate the one year mark were hosting a one year celebration live stream where we'll be hanging out, playing games, and watching our favorite highlights and moments from the year, but we need YOU to help us out! We've set up a YouTube Playlist for you guys to vote for the funniest clips of the year! You can vote multiple ways before the live stream. Simply leave a comment on any of the videos in the playlist telling us which are the funniest from 1-5 or visit our Facebook where we'll have a poll set up for you guys to vote for the funniest clips or the year! After tallying all the votes we will be live streaming the results and looking back on a year of live streaming for you guys.

Be sure to vote and be there on Saturday the 12th. We will post the exact times and details of the live stream very soon to come, but in the mean time go watch some highlights and vote! Thanks guys!

Cameron Deao

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