Sunday, January 20, 2013

Halo 2 PC Servers Being Shutdown

Well folks it appears Halo 2 multiplayer is saying its final farewell to gamer's. The original Xbox Live servers had shutdown back on April 15th of 2010 and players had said farewell to playing their favorite online Xbox games such as Halo 2, but Halo 2 still lived on in the PC community. Unfortunately it was announced today that the PC would be saying goodbye to Halo 2 as well. On February 15th Microsoft will be shutting down the multiplayer PC servers for the classic Halo 2. 

This news is due to the fact that the servers are being used by to few of people. An announcement read "We've been monitoring the population for months and it's been peaking consistently at approximately 20 players or less". The game will still offer LAN multiplayer gameplay for gamer's to still experience with friends, but this is the official final farewell for Halo 2 online multiplayer. 

If you own a copy of Halo 2 for the PC go hop on and play some games before it's gone forever. With this news gamer's have been hopping on and grinding for the mulitplayer achievements that the game has to offer. Even with this news the servers haven't filled back up with a large number of player's, but people are still playing it. We as gamer's bid farewell to this classic game and we'll never forget all the memories that were created when playing the multiplayer of this great game! Farewell Halo 2.

Cameron Deao

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