Monday, January 28, 2013

China Possibly Removing Ban On Video Game Consoles

Gamer's in China have had a pretty rough and difficulty process of playing video games over the last number of years. In 2000 China had enacted a ban against video game consoles in the country to protect child development. Due to this ban no consoles were ever released there such as Xbox 360, PS3, and the Nintendo Wii. The only thing similar to a console that was released in China was an iQue Player which was a plug-and-play console released by Nintendo.

Since this ban has been in place for Chinese gamer's they've had to find gaming in PC, and pirating games to play. With the announcement of the possible lift of this ban stock in Nintendo and Sony has risen due to the fact Chinese gamer's are going to need to do some catching up in the world of gaming. The only difficult challenge in lifting this ban is that it was enacted by seven ministries over a decade ago. In order for the ban to be lifted they all must agree to lifting this ban for gamer's.

Cameron Deao

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