Monday, January 14, 2013

All Around Gamer's Ep. 67 "The Have You Ever Wondered What Its Like? Show"

This week on the show we discussed video games once again. Game discussion revolved around Cameron and Harrison getting their feet wet in the brutally difficult Dark Souls. Mike discussed once again some more Black Ops 2 in his week of gaming. Finally Harrison discussed once again how he's moving up in the ranks of Star Craft 2. News for the week involved PlayStation 2 officially being discontinued from manufacturing globally, used Wii-U's allowing gamer's to download full games, and some details regarding Valve's upcoming Steam Box console. Once again the funniest sections (and title) of the podcast came during the stories section of the show. The show this week is a little shorter than usual, but it's still a show your ears won't wanna miss!

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Cameron Deao

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