Sunday, December 16, 2012

THQ's Interest In Linux Operating System

After the recent success of this year's Humble Bundle from THQ the company has begun to ponder developing for the Linux operating system. While THQ isn't in the greatest shape the company benefited from this years controversial Humble Bundle and THQ president Jason Rubin expressed that the company is weighing the cost/benefit of developing on the open source operating system.

After receiving a tweet from a fan stating "can you guys consider doing some games for Linux? I know it seems a small market, but look at what Valve is doing." Rubin responded stating THQ's possible interest. Rubin tweeted back stating "Got the Linux message [loud] and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback. Evaluating cost/benefit as we speak". 

THQ putting some games into development for Linux could be the break that the company needs to get itself out of the hole their stuck in. While stock for the company was incredibly low before the Humble Bundle of this year the fans showed they still had a huge interest in the company by helping bring it's stock back up 40% from the contributions fans made in their purchases of the Humble Bundle. Hopefully THQ has begun to see the message that gamer's are sending the company a lot clearer regarding what they would like to see hopefully come out of THQ and what they believe can help the company. Whether or not THQ will be putting more time into developing games for Linux is not yet clear, but the company is showing interest in the operating system from the feedback of gamer's. 

Cameron Deao 

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