Friday, December 28, 2012

PlayStation 2 Discontinued in Japan

Today marks the end of an era for a console that gamer's grew up with and experienced many memories they will never forget. It was announced today that the PlayStation 2 is discontinued from Japanese retailers and no more consoles will be manufactured. The console was released on March 4th, 2000 and worked its way to the top of the charts by being the most sold console for its generation for gamer's and families to experience.

The first PlayStation had achieved sales numbers of over 100 million, while the PlayStation 2 achieved over 150 million after being sold for almost over 13 years. Even though the PlayStation 2 was a last generation console alongside the original Xbox and the GameCube gamer's still feel that today marks the end of the PlayStation 2. Players will begin to remember memories of playing games such as Grand Theft Auto, Spider-Man, Jak and Daxter, Guitar Hero, Silent Hill and many more. Thank you Sony for developing a great console for us to experience your fantastic games with! We are all very grateful and we wish you the best of luck with upcoming consoles and games!

Cameron Deao

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