Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Excitement For The Phantom Pain

This year at the Video Game awards we had multiple world premiers that got gamer's attention, but one stood out in my eyes above the others. The Phantom Pain stood out so much in my eyes above games like The Last of Us, Metro: Last Light, and Dark Souls 2 and for good reason.

Something I always look forward to with another year in games is those games that are completely original ideas that just blow the minds of gamer's away. The Phantom Pain completely blew my mind away with questioning what is going on, why is this happening, and how will the character escape this unknown hell. The idea of playing a game where the character wakes up out of a long coma into an unknown world where people are dying, and unknown anomalies are happening all around just gets me excited beyond belief. Just from seeing the world premier I feel that this game will be entirely based around the plot of discovering what this mystery is and being kept in the dark until the very last moments of the game where things possibly still won't make any sense. 

Games that pull off this amazing task of keeping players in the dark and keeping their attention the entire time stand out far beyond the standard in games. I've personally even established in my mind that I don't want to even think about this to much just to keep my mind from developing ideas for the cause of this and to be shocked upon playing the game. I am very much hoping the Moby Dick Studios has strong plans and intentions to bring this game into the PC market because the visuals looked breath taking and the idea of that gameplay being played on a good PC get's me that much more excited for the release. Possibly even the idea of the developers showing very little if next to nothing before the release of this game I view could help benefit the release of this game and sales numbers of the game as well, of course this is as long as a good number of people actually knew this game was in development. What will befall with this mystery of the unknown is to be determined as time progresses and only time will tell.

If you want to see the trailer take a look at the video below.

Cameron Deao

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