Monday, November 5, 2012

Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC

Bethesda has JUST released the trailer for their 3rd new Downloadable Content, called Dragonborn.

In this DLC its rumored to have Dragon mounts, new armor, new races, and very mystical landscape named Solstheim.

Concerning new weapons, we might be seeing spears as weapons in this new DLC!

Sadly, it has not been confirmed, nor denied, that the dragons will be player controlled, but we can always hope!

Dragonborn DLC will be launching on the Xbox360 on December 4th for a mere 1600 microsoft points! Personally that seems like a steal! Basically a whole branch of the game for a 3rd of its original, brand new price!

However, no statement from Bethesda on when, or if, the content will be available for PS3 or PC. {sorry PS3 users :(  }

Xbox360 users, I'm so stoked for this new DLC! Aren't you!?

Adam McMillin

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