Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Titled "Avalanche" in Development

Avalanche is a game where the character goes off on a weekend with friends and while hiking things go terribly wrong. The ground begins shaking, you hear a loud roar, and you look up to see a avalanche bearing down on you. All of your friends go in different directions and you are caught in the avalanche and are knocked unconscious. Upon waking up you realize you are all alone and have no supplies to handle the situation you are stuck in. 

Avalanche is a survival game where you will use your natural survival instincts to gather food, build shelter, and fight off any prey that might attack you. In the game you will use weapons such as axes, hammers, spears, and bows and arrows to fight for you life in the game. 

While surviving you will also battle the weather environments that surround you as well. You deal with rain downpour, snow storms, and the possibility of another avalanche reoccurring. Aside from the survival aspect of the wilderness not much story has been revealed but according the lead developer Kristofer Maclean there will be aspects of a story within the game, but it will be hidden for players to find while surviving the environments.  

Not much else has been made clear about the game so far but more is to come very soon. The game is set to go into beta in the next month and it's already available for pre-order. Players will get their chance to fight for survival in Avalanche in December. You can take a closer look at the game through the developers website at Will you survive the avalanche and all that comes with it, or you will you thrive and discover what story is in store for the game?

Cameron Deao 

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