Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Thanks!!

First of all I was surprised at how much we had raised for this charity event. As you know last event we had we didn't make one cent towards our charity so it is an accomplishment in itself that we were able to raise money by gaming. I would like to give a big big thanks to Anthony Ramirez over at http://www.twitch.tv/5thagespartan for joining our team for this stream and raising a whopping $140, this helped out the team to raise a total of $227. Another big thank you I would have to say is to the Deao family for hosting most of the event/livestream hub at their house in LA. Unfortunately as a Marylander myself I was not able to travel 4000 miles over there, nor was the group able to Maryland to have a group event. We hope to raise some money hopefully to be able to meet at convention centers in the near future and possibly have small fan meetups.

Though it was a great event, we lost a fellow member, Sir Neckbeard of the Adam gave his life for $200, clean shaven Adam has these words to say, "I'm so cooold". From here all I can say is thank you for those who stopped by the stream, unfortunately this will be out last charity livestream for a little while. We will still stream and be active in the streaming possibly doing longer stream and hopefully giving you guys some great content on our YouTube channel AAGCentral.

Mike Koehling
Online Management

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