Saturday, October 6, 2012

All Around Gamer's Ep. 53 "The New Games Release Show"

This week as a group we discussed over three new games. The discussion consisted of Mists of Pandaria, Borderlands 2, and Resident Evil 6. The discussion of the game was nice and in depth and more is to come with the next upcoming weeks for these games. The news wasn't very heavy this week but we still had some great topics to discuss. There was also a good amount of questions for us to answer but please send us more questions for the next show!

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Links To What We Talked About

Heavy Rain Livestream 
Do you like fishsticks?
World of Warcraft
Mist of Panderia
Machinima Realm
Rick Ross - Hustlin'
Pet Battles
Lindsey's Character
New Battlechest
Recruit A Friend
Chen Stromstout
Warcraft 3
Sherlock Holmes
Death Knight
Borderlands 2
Starcraft 2
Reddit Picture Mike Laughed At
Resident Evil 6
Leons Campaign - Video Preview
Facebook Picture
NBA 2K13
Thom's Resident Evil 6 Play Through
Drop It Like Its Hot
Extra-Life Charity Event
Slenderman: The Orphanage
 How Chuck Norris Plays Slenderman
Bane Plays Slenderman
Adams First Time Playing Amnesia
Oh Look Mother Teresa
Steam Sells Software
Lego Lord of the Rings
Walking Dead Ep.4
Wii U Region Locked
I Think Im Turning Japanese
Iron Man 3 Leak
Heart of the Swarm
Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
Halo 4
Your Dead To Me
Dark Knight Rises
Christopher Nolan
George Lucas
Star Wars
American Graffiti
Road Warrior (aka Mad Max 2)
The Truman Show
Jim Carrey
Nicolas Cage
Grave of the Fireflies
The Wrestler
The Grey
Liam Nesson
Taken 2
The Godfather
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Forrest Gump
Band of Brothers
Saving Private Ryan
Bubba Gump
Day Z
Day Z Devolpers Arrested
Mist of Panderia
Dream Drop Distance
The Last of Us
Ellen Page
Far Cry 3
Assassin's Creed 3
Grand Theft Auto 5
No Shave November
This is Halloween!!

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