Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wii U Launch Date and Price Announced

Nintendo fans get your wallets ready the Wii U has gotten its release date and price announcement. It was announced today by Nintendo that the Wii U will be released on November 18th, 2012.

 Upon release date you will have two Wii-U options to choose from.when purchasing the console. You can purchase the white basic edition for $299.99 and the deluxe black edition will cost $349.99. With the black deluxe edition you will get a larger memory capacity and the launch game Nintendoland.

With Nintendo setting the release date for their console once again a month before the holiday season it's time for people to go insane and pay even more money for it on Ebay. Whether or not this console will be worth getting is still to be determined. If you excited about the Wii U for specific reasons please share your opinions of the upcoming console in the comments.

Cameron Deao

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