Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ubisoft PC DRM Is Gone

     DRM for PC gamer's is probably the most frustrating thing to deal with in gaming. Your always required to have an internet connection to play some of your games, and if your traveling or your internet is down for the day you can't sit around and play Assassins Creed because of the DRM. Fear not PC gamer's your cries and complaints have been heard! It was announced yesterday afternoon that Ubisoft has finally given up on the use of DRM for PC gaming.

     The new changes to PC games that Ubisoft will be implementing will bring joy to a lot of gamer's (including myself). The stupid DRM that requires constant internet connection for even single player games is completely gone. Interestingly enough this feature has even been completely absent from some of the developers newest games.

     The next feature that has disappeared is the limiting number of times a game can be activated. You now have the ability to have a game be activated on your desktop, laptop, and even a friends computer if you dare. All that is required for the game is that you activate once and you can start playing on multiple computers.

     PC gamer's all around rejoice in the fact that your voices have been heard! This is just another prime example that strong companies listen to the feedback and frustrations of their customers and work to make a better player experience for all their games. If you guys have some feedback on the topic please leave a comment telling us what you think.

Cameron Deao

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