Monday, September 10, 2012

Steam Big Picture Mode Beta Begins Today

Could Valve make Steam any more awesome. The answer is yes! Ever had a group of friends come over and everyone is huddled around your small desk and computer looking at your favorite game? Ever wanted to play your favorite PC games by sitting on the couch but didn't have a laptop powerful enough to play them? Well PC gamer's the solution to both those questions and more is here!

Steam is launching the Steam Big Picture Mode beta today for PC users around the world. From what I can tell just about everyone will be able to take part in the beta that owns a PC, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Steam Big Picture Mode allows PC gamer's to hook up your PC to your home TV and sit back on the couch with a controller or wireless keyboard and mouse and enjoy Steam from the comfort of your living room. Valve goes above and beyond with what your expecting to see from this new feature.

The list of features that Big Picture has to offer is pretty amazing. You can surf Steam, chat with friends online, play games, and even surf the internet in the world's first first person web browser. All of this can now be done through a controller on your TV sitting in the living room. According to Valve even more features will be implemented into the Big Picture Mode as they continue to build it beyond beta and get feedback from the users.

The setup for users is very simple. If you have a HDMI supported computer or laptop simply plug it in to your TV and your ready to go! If your wanting to go wireless with your setup you can use a WHDI setup and use the feature wireless throughout the house. If you can't or don't want to get your computer setup to a TV simply do it through your existing setup. All these amazing features are still available for you through your monitor. After getting your TV hooked up simply grab a controller supported by your computer and plug it in. There are multiple options for you to choose from when playing with a controller. You can find some pretty cheap wireless controllers like the Logitech F710 or a simple wired Xbox or PS3 controller even. If you still don't want to make a transition to controllers for the feature you can still use your keyboard and mouse if you prefer. Just make sure you have your games setup for controllers and your ready to play.

Valve is always thinking outside the box on how to make gaming a better experience for gamer's around the world. Steam Big Picture Mode is just another prime example of the new innovation of gaming and how Valve wants to be part of it. The beta begins today so make sure you still have Steam installed and keep an eye out for Big Picture in the upper right hand corner of Steam. 

Cameron Deao

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