Thursday, September 27, 2012

Release of Mists Of Pandaria!

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As most people know PC players are huge MMO fans! The new World of Warcraft expansion came out on September 25th this week, and people have been leveling like crazy! I personally haven't been able to play the new parts of the game that much because I do not have a max level character (Working on it. level 75 ftw). I had the chance to RAF (Recruit a friend) Adam McMillin (from our wonderful podcast) and we started leveling the new Pandaren race! I am rolling a priest, I normally play a tank but this time around I'm going to be playing a healer. Just the other night we got Adam into WoW. So for his first character he is going be playing a Pandarian hunter (female of course because he's a boss like that).

So I think the Pandaren is the most fun I've had re-rolling a new race in WoW. The starting zone is quite vast with the expansion opening up a whole new island called Pandaria (go figure). A lot of talk with this latest expansion with the whole "KungFu Panda" movie stuff. Well this is actually a lie, The whole depiction of pandas in Azeroth/Blizzard goes back all the way to Warcraft 3. The character from the trailer (link below) and the picture above is named Chen Stormstout. He actually was one of many famous Brewmasters from the land of Pandaria. Chen had came across Durotar looking for exotic ingreidents to make new and more powerful brews. He meet Rexxar, Son of Mok'Nathal, who helped Chen gather ingredients to perfect his special brew. Later Chen agreed to help the Horde figure out why the Alliance or Humans were attacking them. He went to Theramore Island on a mission where he met Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore. Chen helped show Jaina what her father was doing to the area and decided to help Chen with what he needed. Later on Chen helped Rexxar and Thrall defend Durotar from the attacking Kul Tiras. Shortly after Chen taught a few his Brewmastery then left to go back to the neutral home called Pandaria. As you can see, there is quite a bit of lore with this latest expanison. As soon as I buy the game and get to level 90 I will write more about how the the game has changed and more about the story that was added in the expansion. If you guys play WoW good luck getting to max level!

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