Saturday, September 8, 2012

All Around Gamer's Ep. 50 "The Story Time Show"

This week on the podcast we shared some absolutely hilarious stories on top of our gaming discussions. This week Cameron brought up the discussion of his completion of Sleeping Dogs. Harrison talked about Starcraft 2 as always and some Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Adam brought up the discussion of TTT and Slender. Mike talked about how he's getting back into WoW once again and more. The news of this week consisted of Steam Greenlight, Valve Hardware, Final Fantasy 13: Lightning's Return announcement, and a side project by Krillbite. Sorry about the delay in uploading the podcast but no worries we will be back on schedule very soon.

Link Dump! Here's the links to all the new stories we brought up during the show.

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning's Return
Steam Greenlight
Valve Hardware
Krillbite Side Project

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Cameron Deao

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