Friday, August 3, 2012

World of Warcraft Movie Script Getting A Re-Write

In the past couple months rumors and stories have been coming out regarding Legendary Pictures and the game movies that are supposedly in the early production stages. Last month it was said that the production company was past the stages of writing a script for a Mass Effect movie based around the events of the first game, now its being said that the script for the World of Warcraft movie will be re-written. 

The last we heard about the World of Warcraft movie was that movie director Sam Raimi (who is best known for his directing of Spider-Man and Evil Dead) has stepped down from being the director of the movie due to his busy schedule conflicting with Legendary's need to move forward. No news has been stated or rumored as to who Legendary seeks to get as the new director of the movie.

Regarding the script of the movie originally the writer was Robert Rodat who was best known for his writing of Saving Private Ryan, now he's stepped down and moved on to work on writing Thor: The Dark World. To take his place for re-writing the script Legendary has brought in Charles Leavitt who brought us Blood Diamond and K-PAX.

Not much else has been said regarding the status of the World of Warcraft movie. Whether or not this movie has a future in production is still to be seen, but I can imagine fans are losing hope in the movie considering its been rumored and stated that the movie was in production over the past few years. Will this movie ever be completed and ready for the box office? Only time will tell.

Cameron Deao

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