Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire (Another DLC so soon?)

I'm still trying to think to myself after watching the trailer that was released on the web today. Is this really another DLC? It really only seems like something that should be in a big update! In the new DLC for Skyrim you actually can build your own house. As if we haven't had enough chances to make Batcaves and Assassin's lairs already! They are giving us a chance to make our own house! Then not only are they just doing that but you can adopt kids in the game as well and raise a family (Sims much?). I'm not sure exactly wither I'm excited for this or not. I don't know exactly to much about the DLC other then just watching the trailer and that it's actually being released VERY soon. September 5th to be exact. And yes again this is only going to be on the Xbox for awhile. So PS3 and PC users of Skyrim you'll have to wait, yet again, while us Xbox players play Skyrim: The Sims.

Harrison Deao
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