Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nintendo Power Getting Shutdown

For 24 years gamer's around the world have been subscribed to a cult classic magazine that offered the latest news on all things related to Nintendo. Kids remember having their Mom's get on them for leaving the magazines piled up around the house and always waiting for the next issue to be in the mailbox. 

 Today it was announced that Nintendo had chosen not to renew its licensing agreement with Future Publishing for Nintendo Power. It was also noted that Nintendo does not plan to take over the publication of the magazine on it's own either. According to Nintendo they stated that Future Publishing was "difficult to work with" and Nintendo has taken no interest with working with Future to expand and strengthen Nintendo Power. 

The magazines staff and editors were told about the magazines shutdown last week and since then have been in the process of transferring to work on other Future properties such as GamesRadar and MacLife magazine. It was also noted that the shutdown will not affect another other properties tied with Future. 

Nintendo Power released over 280 magazines to fans around the world and currently has 475,000 monthly readers. It wasn't stated as to what issue number would be the final publication for Nintendo Power. Fans around the world be sure to keep an eye out for the last publication of a classic magazine that paved the way for gaming magazines around the world. 

Nintendo Power 

Cameron Deao 

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