Thursday, July 12, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Is Here

That time of year has come again for all PC gamers. The time of year where your hard drive becomes as full as can be and your wallet is as empty as can be. That's the right the Steam 2012 Summer Sale is finally here. The sale is best known for selling top notch games for the cheapest price you've seen all year.

So far in the first day we've seen deals for Fallout New Vegas, Bioshock, Portal 2, Grand Theft Auto and more. Steam is giving its users packaged offers from developers where you can buy over $100 to $150 worth of games and DLC for only $50. The deals are just crazy and its only day 1! Users can already be voting as to which games they want to see on sale on the right hand side of the home page. Go cast your vote and help choose some crazy sales for PC gamers.

Get ready to delete and transfer stuff off your hard drive for all these games. It's time to empty that fat wallet of yours, because the sale is here and its coming out swinging.

Cameron Deao

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