Monday, July 2, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Review

Since 2007 fans everywhere have been addicted to the universe of Mass Effect. Now after the rage that fans  gave Bioware due to the ending of Mass Effect 3 the developer created an Extended Cut for fans to download and get better understanding of what the ending meant. Did this DLC give fans what they wanted and did it answer their questions?

(Some spoilers will be told in this ending)
The Extended Cut DLC doesn't begin to take affect until the final mission on Earth. Bioware set it up to have the most recent save in your game take you back to the attack on the Cerberus Base as you learn what are the final steps needed for the Catalyst to be made for use. After the attack you will travel back to Earth for your final stand against the Reapers and get the answers you were looking for.

The mission and battle on Earth are absolutely the same as the first cut of the game until you make the push for the beam to take you to the Citadel. As you make the final push for the beam changes will start taking place including the Normandy evacuating both of your team mates who are near death. The game stays the same until you see what the Catalyst is and what needs to be done to stop the Reapers. Here more answers are given as to what the Reapers are, who created them, and what the Catalyst is.

While all the endings of the game stay the same there was an added ending where if you rejected all the options given to you. One of my main complaints about this was that in order to get this ending making the choices wasn't the same as the original cut. I never knew I was actually going for the added ending during dialogue choices which upset me a little bit, but satisfied me to see the new ending.

For me personally I believed that the original ending of the game was exactly what I expected. I don't really understand what fans were looking for and why the rage began against Bioware. Even though Bioware added this to calm fans down I enjoyed playing through it again and getting a better understanding into the confusing back story of these Mass Effect elements.

Overall I think that DLC is great for fans that had more questions than answers from the ending and those who can't get enough story and explanation in this universe. For fans that wanted a whole new ending to be changed Bioware didn't change anything, which makes me proud of Bioware for standing by the ending that they created for their series. Will this still bring even more rage from fans everywhere? Only time will tell.

What is your opinion on the endings of Mass Effect 3? Did the Extended Cut give you guys what you were looking for or just leave you with the same feelings? Leave a comment letting us know!

Cameron Deao

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