Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Fantasy 7 PC Re Release

Over the last couple weeks there have been rumors flying around that Square Enix may be working on a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake. While those rumors were proven to be wrong one thing that turned out to be true is Square Enix is doing a re release of FF7 on the PC. This may not be exactly what fans of Final Fantasy were wanting it does get quite a few fans excited including myself.

It was announced on Thursday that Square Enix will be re releasing the classic Final Fantasy 7 onto PC for fans everywhere. The rumors about the additions are true regarding the Cloud Saves, Achievements, and Character Booster. If you don't know what these additions are I wrote an article regarding all the new additions that were rumored a couple of weeks ago.

One thing is clear with the trailer that was released as well is that this if for sure not an HD remake. While the graphics looks more clean and edgier it's not a full remake. The game will be available through the Square Enix store. The game does not have a set release date yet, but hopefully it will be very soon so fans can get their hands on their favorite Final Fantasy for PC.

Cameron Deao

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