Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Z going stand alone?

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 So it turns out that the mod for the game Arma 2 called "Day Z" is looking to go stand alone according to Dean Hall the modder. For those who don't know, like I said above that Day Z is a zombie mod for the game Arma 2. Dean Hall is the mod creator and has actually entertained the ideas of putting the mod fully into the game Arma 3 as the Arma 3 directors have suggested. But just recently it has been said that Day Z is actually looking to go stand alone very very soon! Before Christmas as it says. As I read online at an article myself Dean Hall states "We're really on borrowed time," which I believe means he's simply borrowing Arma 2 because that's what he had an idea of how the game would run.

Along with some of the new patches for Dayz (I thought some of the Day Z players on our channel would be interested to know) Arma 2 has released patches to nerf weapons and this has actually affected Day Z. I think the Arma 2 directors or creators or whatever did this patch with Day Z in mind to nerf PvP. Because one of the really problems with Day Z (actually game play wise) is that a lot of players don't trust eachother and that leads to them just flat out shooting you on the spot. So it's rather annoying to find somebody who is decked out in a lot of hard to find stuff and then you get sniped by him or her. This I think why the nerfed a lot of the starting weapons in Day Z. Thank you for your time and I will post updates more of Day Z on our website! (Link for those who are interested in the weapon nerf damages)

Harrison Deao

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