Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Battlefield 4 Beta Arrives Fall 2013

With the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter EA confirmed the next game in development, Battlefield 4. The beta for the newest Battlefield will be available to those who pre-order MOH Warfighter "Limited Edition" in 2013, but is the release to soon for the series? Battlefield 3 was released in October of last year and already EA has stated 4 is on the way. 

Battlefield 3 pushed the boundaries of what the graphical capabilities of Xbox's, PS3's, and PC's could do. How can the next game in the franchise complete the same feat without any news of any next generation consoles in the near future yet? To me it seems a bit foolish to be announcing a game that could push graphics even more in consoles, when there aren't any new consoles to put this game on yet.

The other factor to think about is I believe that Battlefield is beginning to follow in Call of Duty's footsteps with game releases. Call of Duty is a franchise that under contract has Treyarch and Infinity Ward alternate a year of game release for the series. With this strategy its released to many games to quickly, not changed the formula of the game enough, and turned off fans who used to love the series. Now to me it seems Battlefield and Medal of Honor are following the same trail and it doesn't have a happy ending.

EA really needs to consider where they are taking these game franchises and how quickly it could turn against them. While fans love Battlefield and Medal of Honor those fans could very soon grow tired of the frequent game releases and lose faith in the series. Watch out for what your doing EA.

Cameron Deao

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