Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

 In 1962 Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brought the world a hero that was unlike any heroes ever seen, a hero known as Spider-Man. He made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 and since then has become one of the most recognizable super heroes of all time. Now with the release of the new game The Amazing Spider-Man and the newest movie, fans everywhere are wanting to get back into web swinging and fighting crime for New York City, but how does this game compare to the past games?
     The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the events of the new movie. Spider-Man finds himself in the middle of a dilemma when Alistair Smythe is working to destroy the cross species experimentation at Oscorp with the use of nanobots. Things go horribly wrong when the begin to break free and expose all the scientists and Gwen Stacy to a virus. Now Spider-Man is tasked with creating an antidote for the virus and keeping all the experiments from spreading the virus on the streets of New York. Spider-Man becomes at a loss for how to create the antidote and turns to Doctor Connors to help him create the antidote and to save Gwen. Overall I felt the story was very solid for the game. I felt that the game could have been a little longer, their could have been some more twists and turns thrown into or maybe some other villains. While the game was actually pretty short and somewhat predictable it had some awesome twists and turns around the end of the game I didn’t see coming. Overall for being a Spider-Man game I considered the story to be good but it wasn’t the best story of all time for Spider-Man.

     One of the main things fans always look to with Spider-Man has and will always be the web swinging. One of the things that drove me nuts and fans everywhere was the webs never attached to any of the buildings while swinging in the city! When Spider-Man 2 came out in 2004 and it was milestone due to the fact that webs would attach to buildings and the momentum was spot on during gameplay, but the game doesn’t bring that to the players. I personally feel like if previous games had that implemented you can’t go back to not having webs attach to buildings, I just didn’t feel right. One of the newest features I did like was the addition of Web Rush into combat and web swinging. The player simply holds the right bumper and goes into a first person slow motion state where he can choose to go to a specific location or attack an enemy. When the player makes a choice he either swings to the spot in an awesome style or attacks the enemy he’s chosen, and if you change your mind halfway to the destination you can simply change paths with it again. The other thing I found with web swinging was I felt like the developers added far to much speed when swinging, occasionally I found myself hitting buildings, keeping full momentum, and being completely lost as to what happened or where I was. Aside from the web swinging the combat felt fantastic for the game. It was definitely inspired by the combat of the newest Batman games and it works for both games fantastically. During combat when you beat an enemy down enough he became disoriented and you could perform a signature move, and in doing this Spider-Man would go into a combat combo and finally web the enemy in an awesome style. During combat you could also interact with things in the environment like trash cans or nitrogen tanks and actually throw them at enemies and disorient them. This was a pretty awesome addition to the game however I wish combat interacted with more things in the environment like telephone poles or street lights.
     The city and crimes in the game didn’t necessarily feel up to par with previous Spider-Man games as well. Throughout the whole game your limited to the main island of the game and the island isn’t that huge to begin with. Previous games have had the city feel almost to scale with reality and crimes were much more randomized with you stumbling across them, instead of them being marked on your map and never moving. Crimes in the city consisted of muggings in alleys, car chases that never really changed, and stopping gunmen from a shoot out with cops near a bank. Something else that drove me nuts was no matter how much time you were swinging the time of day never shifted, it never even turned night in the city until a night chapter game into the story. When you beat the game and were swinging you could choose the time of day before leaving your apartment, but it didn’t feel right now having it on a time lapse. I really felt like the city was not the best in the game, the web swinging felt good in the city, but it needed to be much larger and crimes needed to be a lot better.
     Another point to bring up was the boss battles of the game. Most of the boss battles were robots then actual villains that Spider-Man encounters, and some of these robots definitely reminded me of how the robots looked in the Matrix. Overall the combat was a feature of the game that had me coming back for more and finding every single crime in the city.

     When I think of the music pieces of a game I try to think of how many pieces stood out in my mind or I could recognize the game just from the music, unfortunately Spider-Man didn’t do that for me. While the music did set the tone of the game it was very subtle and it felt very repeated as well. There wasn’t any outstanding music moments during the game that made feel like I was in the game or it was a life or death moment. So for me personally if more Spider-Man games are coming in the future the music is definitely one of the biggest things to work on from this installment.

     Overall the game wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best. I enjoyed playing it a lot but it had its flaws that were pressing my buttons on occasion. The web swinging needs to be fixed in the next game, the city really needs to be larger, crimes needed to randomized and not repeated over and over again, and music needed a big fix. I did enjoy the combat, the twists in the story at the end, and even though it was flawed I did enjoy web swinging in the city a lot. I give the game a 7.5.

Cameron Deao

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