Monday, July 30, 2012

Charity Event Details

   On July 31st, All Around Gamer’s will be hosting a 48 hour Nintendo 64 Marathon. We will be splitting people into two teams and racing classic games such as Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Super Mario 64. We will also be competing in multiplayer games such as Super Smash Bro’s, Golden Eye 64, Mario Party, and Star Fox 64. Viewers who participate can earn chances to win prizes such as T-Shirts, and a Turtle Beach PX21 Headset by donating. 

The entire event will be live streamed at

We will begin the day at 12PM PST with a race of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time between Cameron, Mike, and possibly two other players. Due to timing and unknown number of people that will join us we don't have a full agenda yet of when games will be played, but nevertheless we will play every game.

If you would like to donate visit and make your contribution. Any donation puts you in the running for a chance at a All Around Gamer's T-Shirt and $20 puts you in the running for a brand new Turtle Beach Headset! Be sure to leave a comment telling us your name and donation amount after donating.

We would like to do our best to support this fantastic charity but we need your help with spreading the word and watching us for the stream. If you can't donate any money simply help us spread the word about the event to and friends or family that may want to watch. We hope to see everyone in chat during the stream and can't wait to make a difference.

See everyone there! 

Cameron Deao

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day Z going stand alone?

    Picture 1

 So it turns out that the mod for the game Arma 2 called "Day Z" is looking to go stand alone according to Dean Hall the modder. For those who don't know, like I said above that Day Z is a zombie mod for the game Arma 2. Dean Hall is the mod creator and has actually entertained the ideas of putting the mod fully into the game Arma 3 as the Arma 3 directors have suggested. But just recently it has been said that Day Z is actually looking to go stand alone very very soon! Before Christmas as it says. As I read online at an article myself Dean Hall states "We're really on borrowed time," which I believe means he's simply borrowing Arma 2 because that's what he had an idea of how the game would run.

Along with some of the new patches for Dayz (I thought some of the Day Z players on our channel would be interested to know) Arma 2 has released patches to nerf weapons and this has actually affected Day Z. I think the Arma 2 directors or creators or whatever did this patch with Day Z in mind to nerf PvP. Because one of the really problems with Day Z (actually game play wise) is that a lot of players don't trust eachother and that leads to them just flat out shooting you on the spot. So it's rather annoying to find somebody who is decked out in a lot of hard to find stuff and then you get sniped by him or her. This I think why the nerfed a lot of the starting weapons in Day Z. Thank you for your time and I will post updates more of Day Z on our website! (Link for those who are interested in the weapon nerf damages)

Harrison Deao

Monday, July 23, 2012

Silent Hill: Downpour Studio Vatra "Under Review"

It's been four months since the release of Konami's and Vatra's newest addition to the Silent Hill franchise with Downpour, and with the mixed reviews of the game the development team may be in trouble. News was released today that the development studio Vatra has been placed under review by a new management team assessing the business of the company Kuju Entertainment. With the studio being "under review" from the management team there is a possibility that the development team may be entirely shutdown.

In the three years of the development teams existence they've only released two games Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot, and Silent Hill: Downpour. Rush'n Attack: Ex-Patriot was a side scrolling 2.5D hack and slash game that was released as a download on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game was released in March of 2011 with very mixed reviews across the board from all gaming websites. Silent Hill: Downpour was released in March of this year by Vatra after securing a partnership with Konami for Downpour and one other project. Silent Hill: Downpour was given very mixed reviews as well across the board for it's story, combat, and changes that have taken the series in a new direction.

While no decisions have been made regarding if Vatra will be shut down from business David Semik a former 2k Czech employee stated in a tweet "Vatra Games RIP". Time will only tell if Kuju Entertainment will shut the development team down before it's given one more chance at redeeming it's poorly acclaimed games.

Cameron Deao

Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Around Gamer’s Ep. 44 “The 1 Year Anniversary Show”

This podcast we celebrate our 1 year mark of All Around Gamer's. We talk about how we started and how many people used to be in our cast. Unfortunately Mike couldn't join us due to being sick but we will have the conversation again next week. For games Harrison talked about DayZ and Starcraft 2 a lot. Adam talked about Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike. Cameron talked about Assassins Creed on PC and other Steam Summer Sale Games. News was pretty cool for this week as well with some awesome stories.

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If you enjoyed this podcast be sure to leave a comment telling us what you enjoyed!

Cameron Deao

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Battlefield 4 Beta Arrives Fall 2013

With the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter EA confirmed the next game in development, Battlefield 4. The beta for the newest Battlefield will be available to those who pre-order MOH Warfighter "Limited Edition" in 2013, but is the release to soon for the series? Battlefield 3 was released in October of last year and already EA has stated 4 is on the way. 

Battlefield 3 pushed the boundaries of what the graphical capabilities of Xbox's, PS3's, and PC's could do. How can the next game in the franchise complete the same feat without any news of any next generation consoles in the near future yet? To me it seems a bit foolish to be announcing a game that could push graphics even more in consoles, when there aren't any new consoles to put this game on yet.

The other factor to think about is I believe that Battlefield is beginning to follow in Call of Duty's footsteps with game releases. Call of Duty is a franchise that under contract has Treyarch and Infinity Ward alternate a year of game release for the series. With this strategy its released to many games to quickly, not changed the formula of the game enough, and turned off fans who used to love the series. Now to me it seems Battlefield and Medal of Honor are following the same trail and it doesn't have a happy ending.

EA really needs to consider where they are taking these game franchises and how quickly it could turn against them. While fans love Battlefield and Medal of Honor those fans could very soon grow tired of the frequent game releases and lose faith in the series. Watch out for what your doing EA.

Cameron Deao

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Is Here

That time of year has come again for all PC gamers. The time of year where your hard drive becomes as full as can be and your wallet is as empty as can be. That's the right the Steam 2012 Summer Sale is finally here. The sale is best known for selling top notch games for the cheapest price you've seen all year.

So far in the first day we've seen deals for Fallout New Vegas, Bioshock, Portal 2, Grand Theft Auto and more. Steam is giving its users packaged offers from developers where you can buy over $100 to $150 worth of games and DLC for only $50. The deals are just crazy and its only day 1! Users can already be voting as to which games they want to see on sale on the right hand side of the home page. Go cast your vote and help choose some crazy sales for PC gamers.

Get ready to delete and transfer stuff off your hard drive for all these games. It's time to empty that fat wallet of yours, because the sale is here and its coming out swinging.

Cameron Deao

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Fantasy 7 PC Re Release

Over the last couple weeks there have been rumors flying around that Square Enix may be working on a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake. While those rumors were proven to be wrong one thing that turned out to be true is Square Enix is doing a re release of FF7 on the PC. This may not be exactly what fans of Final Fantasy were wanting it does get quite a few fans excited including myself.

It was announced on Thursday that Square Enix will be re releasing the classic Final Fantasy 7 onto PC for fans everywhere. The rumors about the additions are true regarding the Cloud Saves, Achievements, and Character Booster. If you don't know what these additions are I wrote an article regarding all the new additions that were rumored a couple of weeks ago.

One thing is clear with the trailer that was released as well is that this if for sure not an HD remake. While the graphics looks more clean and edgier it's not a full remake. The game will be available through the Square Enix store. The game does not have a set release date yet, but hopefully it will be very soon so fans can get their hands on their favorite Final Fantasy for PC.

Cameron Deao

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

 In 1962 Stan Lee and Steve Ditko brought the world a hero that was unlike any heroes ever seen, a hero known as Spider-Man. He made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 and since then has become one of the most recognizable super heroes of all time. Now with the release of the new game The Amazing Spider-Man and the newest movie, fans everywhere are wanting to get back into web swinging and fighting crime for New York City, but how does this game compare to the past games?
     The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the events of the new movie. Spider-Man finds himself in the middle of a dilemma when Alistair Smythe is working to destroy the cross species experimentation at Oscorp with the use of nanobots. Things go horribly wrong when the begin to break free and expose all the scientists and Gwen Stacy to a virus. Now Spider-Man is tasked with creating an antidote for the virus and keeping all the experiments from spreading the virus on the streets of New York. Spider-Man becomes at a loss for how to create the antidote and turns to Doctor Connors to help him create the antidote and to save Gwen. Overall I felt the story was very solid for the game. I felt that the game could have been a little longer, their could have been some more twists and turns thrown into or maybe some other villains. While the game was actually pretty short and somewhat predictable it had some awesome twists and turns around the end of the game I didn’t see coming. Overall for being a Spider-Man game I considered the story to be good but it wasn’t the best story of all time for Spider-Man.

     One of the main things fans always look to with Spider-Man has and will always be the web swinging. One of the things that drove me nuts and fans everywhere was the webs never attached to any of the buildings while swinging in the city! When Spider-Man 2 came out in 2004 and it was milestone due to the fact that webs would attach to buildings and the momentum was spot on during gameplay, but the game doesn’t bring that to the players. I personally feel like if previous games had that implemented you can’t go back to not having webs attach to buildings, I just didn’t feel right. One of the newest features I did like was the addition of Web Rush into combat and web swinging. The player simply holds the right bumper and goes into a first person slow motion state where he can choose to go to a specific location or attack an enemy. When the player makes a choice he either swings to the spot in an awesome style or attacks the enemy he’s chosen, and if you change your mind halfway to the destination you can simply change paths with it again. The other thing I found with web swinging was I felt like the developers added far to much speed when swinging, occasionally I found myself hitting buildings, keeping full momentum, and being completely lost as to what happened or where I was. Aside from the web swinging the combat felt fantastic for the game. It was definitely inspired by the combat of the newest Batman games and it works for both games fantastically. During combat when you beat an enemy down enough he became disoriented and you could perform a signature move, and in doing this Spider-Man would go into a combat combo and finally web the enemy in an awesome style. During combat you could also interact with things in the environment like trash cans or nitrogen tanks and actually throw them at enemies and disorient them. This was a pretty awesome addition to the game however I wish combat interacted with more things in the environment like telephone poles or street lights.
     The city and crimes in the game didn’t necessarily feel up to par with previous Spider-Man games as well. Throughout the whole game your limited to the main island of the game and the island isn’t that huge to begin with. Previous games have had the city feel almost to scale with reality and crimes were much more randomized with you stumbling across them, instead of them being marked on your map and never moving. Crimes in the city consisted of muggings in alleys, car chases that never really changed, and stopping gunmen from a shoot out with cops near a bank. Something else that drove me nuts was no matter how much time you were swinging the time of day never shifted, it never even turned night in the city until a night chapter game into the story. When you beat the game and were swinging you could choose the time of day before leaving your apartment, but it didn’t feel right now having it on a time lapse. I really felt like the city was not the best in the game, the web swinging felt good in the city, but it needed to be much larger and crimes needed to be a lot better.
     Another point to bring up was the boss battles of the game. Most of the boss battles were robots then actual villains that Spider-Man encounters, and some of these robots definitely reminded me of how the robots looked in the Matrix. Overall the combat was a feature of the game that had me coming back for more and finding every single crime in the city.

     When I think of the music pieces of a game I try to think of how many pieces stood out in my mind or I could recognize the game just from the music, unfortunately Spider-Man didn’t do that for me. While the music did set the tone of the game it was very subtle and it felt very repeated as well. There wasn’t any outstanding music moments during the game that made feel like I was in the game or it was a life or death moment. So for me personally if more Spider-Man games are coming in the future the music is definitely one of the biggest things to work on from this installment.

     Overall the game wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t the best. I enjoyed playing it a lot but it had its flaws that were pressing my buttons on occasion. The web swinging needs to be fixed in the next game, the city really needs to be larger, crimes needed to randomized and not repeated over and over again, and music needed a big fix. I did enjoy the combat, the twists in the story at the end, and even though it was flawed I did enjoy web swinging in the city a lot. I give the game a 7.5.

Cameron Deao

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Review

Since 2007 fans everywhere have been addicted to the universe of Mass Effect. Now after the rage that fans  gave Bioware due to the ending of Mass Effect 3 the developer created an Extended Cut for fans to download and get better understanding of what the ending meant. Did this DLC give fans what they wanted and did it answer their questions?

(Some spoilers will be told in this ending)
The Extended Cut DLC doesn't begin to take affect until the final mission on Earth. Bioware set it up to have the most recent save in your game take you back to the attack on the Cerberus Base as you learn what are the final steps needed for the Catalyst to be made for use. After the attack you will travel back to Earth for your final stand against the Reapers and get the answers you were looking for.

The mission and battle on Earth are absolutely the same as the first cut of the game until you make the push for the beam to take you to the Citadel. As you make the final push for the beam changes will start taking place including the Normandy evacuating both of your team mates who are near death. The game stays the same until you see what the Catalyst is and what needs to be done to stop the Reapers. Here more answers are given as to what the Reapers are, who created them, and what the Catalyst is.

While all the endings of the game stay the same there was an added ending where if you rejected all the options given to you. One of my main complaints about this was that in order to get this ending making the choices wasn't the same as the original cut. I never knew I was actually going for the added ending during dialogue choices which upset me a little bit, but satisfied me to see the new ending.

For me personally I believed that the original ending of the game was exactly what I expected. I don't really understand what fans were looking for and why the rage began against Bioware. Even though Bioware added this to calm fans down I enjoyed playing through it again and getting a better understanding into the confusing back story of these Mass Effect elements.

Overall I think that DLC is great for fans that had more questions than answers from the ending and those who can't get enough story and explanation in this universe. For fans that wanted a whole new ending to be changed Bioware didn't change anything, which makes me proud of Bioware for standing by the ending that they created for their series. Will this still bring even more rage from fans everywhere? Only time will tell.

What is your opinion on the endings of Mass Effect 3? Did the Extended Cut give you guys what you were looking for or just leave you with the same feelings? Leave a comment letting us know!

Cameron Deao