Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new website for the All Around Gamer's that will house everything that you need and want to be an informed gamer.

This website will be used for writing articles, reviews, and announcements for games and more. We hope to have this site be your source of gaming news on a daily basis for all things related to gaming. We have some fantastic people who will be writing for us. Our writers consist of Cameron Deao, Adam McMillin, Harrison Deao, and Mike Koehling. With this group of people we will bring fresh and consistent content to you on a very consistent basis. We also host our podcast on Tuesday nights on a weekly basis and livestream consistently throughout the week. Be sure to tune in and subscribe to us on iTunes.

One of the features we will also be featuring on this website is user submitted content (that means you!). If you have any articles or reviews that you would like to have featured on this website then write them out, edit them from a rough draft, and email them to us at AllAroundGamersPodcast@gmail.com if we like what we see we will post it to the site and give you all the credit for the writing. Take your time with writing anything before submitting them to us, there is no need to rush any writing by any means.

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are about the website and we look forward to seeing what it holds in store for the future!

Cameron Deao
Founder and Host

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