Thursday, June 14, 2012

ThatGameCompany Goes Independent

For six years thatgamecompany has brought us not only games for us to enjoy but also pieces of art. Their library of games consists of Flow, Flower, and their latest hit Journey. Sony Computer Entertainment America brought them on to publish their games six years ago onto the PlayStation 3, and now their ready to move on.

After being limited to one specific platform for games TGC is ready to move onto doing what they want to do for games. They announced today that they've raised enough funding to develop and release their games independently. To help them go through with this they have been working with Mitch Lasky from Benchmark Capital to make their dream come true. With this news being released today co-founder Jenova Chen had stated that they already have plans for another project that they will be doing independently. He did not release any hints or ideas as to what the project will be, but TGC fans will know to expect great things from this development team.

The big thing that Jenova Chen had stated with this announcement is that everyone in the development team is looking forward to branching out into different platforms and bringing players around the world the best gaming experience they can get. This brings excitement to everyone considering the last three titles from the developer have been Sony exclusive games, now hopefully gamers on all platforms can enjoy the gaming style and art style that TGC has been known to deliver.

Everyone is up in joy over this announcement and hopefully gamers around the world are looking forward to seeing what comes out of the independent publishing of games for the company. If you haven't taken a look at Flow, Flower, or Journey all three are available on the PlayStation Network for download right now.

Good luck thatgamecompany and we hope your dream goes far and beyond what you expected!

Cameron Deao

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