Friday, June 22, 2012

Skyrim's First DLC "Dawnguard" Details and thoughts

For years we had all waited for Skyrim to arrive on consoles and on PC. Now that it's been here for some time it's time that the first DLC for Skyrim is about to hit Xbox! Yes I said Xbox! Bethesda hasn't said just yet when the new DLC "Dawnguard" goes on PS3 and PC platforms. But if you do have an Xbox (or are just excited to read some more about the new DLC Bethesda has to offer for Skyrim) Then sit back, relax, and enjoy.
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So as well all know Skyrim is very very well known for of course. Dragons. But Bethesda has added kind of a curve ball to the normal dragon, nordic, and shout infested land we know as Skyrim. Vampires are actually the focus of Dawnguard! Now, I know what you are thinking. Oh gez Bethesda has an idea to feed off of the whole hipster Vampire thing going around since certain movies have been going around (which shall remain nameless because the shall not be uttered on this blog...). Not one bit is this anything like... "certain movies". It's completely different, which is awesome compared to how vampires have turned from something that lives in a dark castle to something that glitters in the sun light like a fairy.
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 Back to Skyrim now! The newest Bethesda DLC has a lot to offer for people who know and love this game. It is recommended before you start the DLC that you should at least be level 10 before venturing to the DLC. In this dlc you have to choose a side like in the main story of the normal game! You choose between the dawnguards and the vampires which each side will have their own castle and lots of other new perks and weapons to choose from (which I'll go more into detail in just a bit) but here are some screen shots of the two newest castles! 
Epic castle
More epic castle (I'm personally picking this one first for sure.)

When you choose the side of the vampires your goal will be to kill one of the vampires worst enemies. The sun. In the game I don't really know just yet how you get to be it but one of the perks about being with the vampires is that you get to become this thing called a "Vampire Lord" which each time you kill/feed on somebody you gain more power but of course once you go into that form you are asking the whole world to come and attack you (You can also switch back and forth between this form as you please unlike the werewolf form you get from the companions guild questline). Some of the perks of being a vampire lord is summoning werewolves to your side to help you in your fight. Now this is all the stuff I know about the vampires so far expect that you get some more weapons and armor. 

When you choose sides with the Dawnguards you will be fighting against the vampires and stopping them on their quest to destroy the sun. For this they give you a bunch of new weapons (or so I've read) and new armor as well. The only weapon that I know of that's new so far is the crossbow. Yes! Thank you Bethesda for adding something this cool! The pro about the crossbow is that it's always loaded so you don't have to put an arrow in before use. The con about it is that it takes longer to reload then the bow (which I'm sure a faster reload perk will be in order or something like that to make it more bearable if it takes awhile to reload).  

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So to conclude this. This Dlc has a lot to offer! From new shouts, armor, dragon weapons, new locations (including venturing back to Oblivion for some of you old time Elder Scrolls fans) and so much more! And I'm sorry for you PC and PS3 players because while you guys are playing something else I'm going vampire hunting and vampire feeding in this DLC. But for now. PEACE 

Harrison Deao 

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