Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Not long after Mass Effect 3 was released internet rage came out of nowhere regarding the ending of the game. Fans everywhere were very disappointed and expected much more from Bioware in wrapping up one of their favorite RPG's. To show their love for their fans Bioware began working on an extended cut DLC for fans of all platforms to download to get a better understanding of the ending to the Mass Effect series.

Bioware announced yesterday that the Extended Cut has a release date for this Tuesday (June 26th) on all consoles and platforms as a free download. (SPOILERS) To begin the extended cut you have to load your game from before the attack on the Cerberus Base and play through the rest of the game. Still staying true to the RPG element of the game the ending choices will differ depending on all of your decisions from the series as a whole.

Bioware released a FAQ regarding all questions that fans from all platforms have been asking regarding the announcement of the extended cut. One of the main questions in the FAQ was what is included in the Extended Cut. Bioware stated that it will expand on the endings of Mass Effect 3 with additional scenes and epilogue sequences. It was also stated that these changes and additions will not change any endings, but it will expand on the original endings and reveals greater details regarding all of the players choices from the three games.

Hopefully fans on all platforms will enjoy this free DLC that Bioware has developed for all their fans. Some fans are sure to instill rage upon the company and the games endings, but that's to be expected with anything regarding the ending of the game.

Cameron Deao

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