Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC?

Earlier today someone stumbled across a Google Cached Website that appears to be showing features for a FF7 PC remake. Could it be possible that Square Enix is working on remake of their best selling RPG. Fans have been screaming about wanting this for years.

Some of the features consisted of achievements, character booster, and cloud saves. According to what the site says about achievements the game will feature 36 brand new achievements to unlock and compare against friends. Character booster is a feature that allows you go increase your HP, MP, and Gil levels to maximum and enjoy the rest of your adventure. Finally cloud saves is the feature to allow you to continue your game on any PC with internet connection and the game. 

The game being remastered onto PC would be absolutely fantastic. Not only would the graphics of game be flying through the roof, but the online and mod community would go absolutely nuts over this. The amount of mods that would be produced for this game would be absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say a lot of PC gamers would go nuts for this remake, even though it wouldn't be on a Sony platform gamers would still download it.

Whether or not this is true fans everywhere are expressing their opinions about a possible remake. Square Enix has not come out in confirming or denying the story yet, but hopefully very soon they'll make a statement. 

Cameron Deao

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