Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Ships A Million Copies

Dragon's Dogma released to console players around the world on May 22nd. Since then people have been flocking towards it due to its fantastic combat style, pawn system, and traverse world and enemies. Capcom came out today and announced that Dragon's Dogma has shipped over one million copies of the game to retailers around the world since release. With this feat the game sold at least 330,000 copies in Japan, and was named one of the top ten games in May for the US.
Now that Dragon's Dogma has turned into a huge success fans are already predicting a sequel and possibly a series of games for the franchise. It's been known and seen in the past that Capcom will make a sequel for just about everyone of their games whether it's good or bad. Even if fans don't get a sequel of the game Capcom may also be releasing DLC for the game, but no news or announcements have been made for either of these yet. 

As people from All Around Gamer's finish Dragon's Dogma this week expect to see a full game review up on the site very soon. Were looking forward to completing the game and sharing the final experiences with anyone and everyone that wants to listen.

Cameron Deao

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