Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spider-Man Coming to PC This August

Last Tuesday Beenox and Activision released their newest game The Amazing Spider-Man for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and mobile devices. News was released yesterday that Beenox developed game will be set to release on August 10th.

The game is set to be distributed by Valve's online distribution site Steam, where it will feature Steam Achievements as stated by Activision. While console players get their hands full of web PC players are going to have to wait just a little longer to play their favorite super hero.

A full fledged review is set to be released onto our website very soon and discussion for the game will be featured in the next podcast. See everyone there!

Cameron Deao

Friday, June 29, 2012

Pokemon is dead to me

So I'm sure we are all familiar with our favorite game, poke`mon. We all remember in 1996 when Red and Blue version came out for the GameBoy. It was THE game to have, if you didnt own it, you were the lame kid at school. As poke`mon became more popular, continuing to flourish, we began to realize how it needed to end. Currently, poke`mon is in its final season for the tv show, but considering they are putting out a NEW game, I'm sure it will continue to suck.

Let me show you how the games came out, which ones were good, and which ones were bad.

1996: Pokemon Red and Blue, with Yellow being released roughly a year later as a "Special Edition" with the revolutionary "following pikachu" which made the game what it is.

2000: Pokemon Gold and Silver were released, with the later production of Pokemon Crystal as the "Special Edition" which allowed you to catch all 3 of the legendary Dog pokemon, introduced Pokemon Breeding, and 100 new pokemon.

2003: Pokemon Ruby and Saphire were created and given to the public, along with Emerald as the "Special Edition" which only introduced a new 135 pokemon, and the 2-on-2 battles. However it didnt offer much, and you could only catch 202 of the 386 pokemon, it was still a fantastic game like its older siblings.


Also in 2003 the introduced the Red and Green(originally only in japanese) remakes for the GBA/SP
No special edition however.

This is where it goes down hill.

2006: In which the developers decided another pokemon game would be smart, creating Diamond and Pearl(later releasing Platinum as "Special Edition). Adding another 107 pokemon(which i might add, about 100 of them look absolutely idiotic) however it was revolutionary with the (almost) 3D buildings and the underground wi-fi with friends
Already this game had a whopping 495 pokemon,

 (should be in the good section, but for timelines sake, will have to house with the crappy ones foe now..) 2010: The remake of Gold and Silver for the Nintendo DS(which in my opinion has the best of it all) was again revolutionary with its Poke`walker and 3D buildings, also with the perk from Yellow, except that this time ANY pokemon could follow you, which really made me happy.

2010: Also later this year there was a release of Pokemon Black and White, which again, revolutionized how kids play pokemon. With the looped movement and 3D-ish pokemon Battle scenes.

2012: The big flop. Later this year, in october, we are to expect a new set of pokemon games. Pokemon Black 2 and White 2

I do not believe this game will be anything near what i want it to be. But because kids are always looking to play anything with the word "Pokemon" in it, it will be another Big Success.

Pokemon has lost my interest unless they decide to
1: remake the old ones
2: make better pokemon
or 3: be more creative with their freaking titles.

Hey nintendo, heres an idea, REMAKE BLUE AND RED AND YELLOW. Atleast they had Metapod.

Adam McMillin
Streamer-Worker Bee

Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Around Gamer’s Ep. 42 “The Zombie Apocalypse Show”

                                                                          Picture 1

This week on the podcast the discussion was focused a lot around the DayZ PC mod for ARMA 2 and getting a better understanding of it. Cameron brought a little bit of a discussion regarding The Amazing Spider-Man and the Extended Cut of Mass Effect 3. Harrison shared his starting experiences with the new Skyrim Dawnguard DLC that was just released as well. Mass Effect 3 spoilers were shared between 42:43 and 45:57.

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Cameron Deao

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Not Coming Anytime Soon

                                                                               Picture 1
Earlier this week I released an article about a possible Final Fantasy 7 remake that was rumored to be in production for the PC. Yesterday Square Enix came out and stated that they don't plan on making a remake of the game until another installment tops it. They stated that if they were to remake the game the series would be done for and finished.

These statements from Square Enix make perfect regarding the rumors mostly because most game series don't get a remake until its finished or plummeting horribly. If they were to remake the game fans would spend more time and money on it then any of the upcoming Final Fantasy installments that Square Enix may have planned.

So for the moment don't expect any remake of Final Fantasy 7 until another game tops it. Fans are going to have to wait a little longer to play their favorite RPG.

Cameron Deao

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Ships A Million Copies

Dragon's Dogma released to console players around the world on May 22nd. Since then people have been flocking towards it due to its fantastic combat style, pawn system, and traverse world and enemies. Capcom came out today and announced that Dragon's Dogma has shipped over one million copies of the game to retailers around the world since release. With this feat the game sold at least 330,000 copies in Japan, and was named one of the top ten games in May for the US.
Now that Dragon's Dogma has turned into a huge success fans are already predicting a sequel and possibly a series of games for the franchise. It's been known and seen in the past that Capcom will make a sequel for just about everyone of their games whether it's good or bad. Even if fans don't get a sequel of the game Capcom may also be releasing DLC for the game, but no news or announcements have been made for either of these yet. 

As people from All Around Gamer's finish Dragon's Dogma this week expect to see a full game review up on the site very soon. Were looking forward to completing the game and sharing the final experiences with anyone and everyone that wants to listen.

Cameron Deao

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Not long after Mass Effect 3 was released internet rage came out of nowhere regarding the ending of the game. Fans everywhere were very disappointed and expected much more from Bioware in wrapping up one of their favorite RPG's. To show their love for their fans Bioware began working on an extended cut DLC for fans of all platforms to download to get a better understanding of the ending to the Mass Effect series.

Bioware announced yesterday that the Extended Cut has a release date for this Tuesday (June 26th) on all consoles and platforms as a free download. (SPOILERS) To begin the extended cut you have to load your game from before the attack on the Cerberus Base and play through the rest of the game. Still staying true to the RPG element of the game the ending choices will differ depending on all of your decisions from the series as a whole.

Bioware released a FAQ regarding all questions that fans from all platforms have been asking regarding the announcement of the extended cut. One of the main questions in the FAQ was what is included in the Extended Cut. Bioware stated that it will expand on the endings of Mass Effect 3 with additional scenes and epilogue sequences. It was also stated that these changes and additions will not change any endings, but it will expand on the original endings and reveals greater details regarding all of the players choices from the three games.

Hopefully fans on all platforms will enjoy this free DLC that Bioware has developed for all their fans. Some fans are sure to instill rage upon the company and the games endings, but that's to be expected with anything regarding the ending of the game.

Cameron Deao

Friday, June 22, 2012

Skyrim's First DLC "Dawnguard" Details and thoughts

For years we had all waited for Skyrim to arrive on consoles and on PC. Now that it's been here for some time it's time that the first DLC for Skyrim is about to hit Xbox! Yes I said Xbox! Bethesda hasn't said just yet when the new DLC "Dawnguard" goes on PS3 and PC platforms. But if you do have an Xbox (or are just excited to read some more about the new DLC Bethesda has to offer for Skyrim) Then sit back, relax, and enjoy.
Picture 1

So as well all know Skyrim is very very well known for of course. Dragons. But Bethesda has added kind of a curve ball to the normal dragon, nordic, and shout infested land we know as Skyrim. Vampires are actually the focus of Dawnguard! Now, I know what you are thinking. Oh gez Bethesda has an idea to feed off of the whole hipster Vampire thing going around since certain movies have been going around (which shall remain nameless because the shall not be uttered on this blog...). Not one bit is this anything like... "certain movies". It's completely different, which is awesome compared to how vampires have turned from something that lives in a dark castle to something that glitters in the sun light like a fairy.
Picture 2

 Back to Skyrim now! The newest Bethesda DLC has a lot to offer for people who know and love this game. It is recommended before you start the DLC that you should at least be level 10 before venturing to the DLC. In this dlc you have to choose a side like in the main story of the normal game! You choose between the dawnguards and the vampires which each side will have their own castle and lots of other new perks and weapons to choose from (which I'll go more into detail in just a bit) but here are some screen shots of the two newest castles! 
Epic castle
More epic castle (I'm personally picking this one first for sure.)

When you choose the side of the vampires your goal will be to kill one of the vampires worst enemies. The sun. In the game I don't really know just yet how you get to be it but one of the perks about being with the vampires is that you get to become this thing called a "Vampire Lord" which each time you kill/feed on somebody you gain more power but of course once you go into that form you are asking the whole world to come and attack you (You can also switch back and forth between this form as you please unlike the werewolf form you get from the companions guild questline). Some of the perks of being a vampire lord is summoning werewolves to your side to help you in your fight. Now this is all the stuff I know about the vampires so far expect that you get some more weapons and armor. 

When you choose sides with the Dawnguards you will be fighting against the vampires and stopping them on their quest to destroy the sun. For this they give you a bunch of new weapons (or so I've read) and new armor as well. The only weapon that I know of that's new so far is the crossbow. Yes! Thank you Bethesda for adding something this cool! The pro about the crossbow is that it's always loaded so you don't have to put an arrow in before use. The con about it is that it takes longer to reload then the bow (which I'm sure a faster reload perk will be in order or something like that to make it more bearable if it takes awhile to reload).  

Picture 5

So to conclude this. This Dlc has a lot to offer! From new shouts, armor, dragon weapons, new locations (including venturing back to Oblivion for some of you old time Elder Scrolls fans) and so much more! And I'm sorry for you PC and PS3 players because while you guys are playing something else I'm going vampire hunting and vampire feeding in this DLC. But for now. PEACE 

Harrison Deao 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC?

Earlier today someone stumbled across a Google Cached Website that appears to be showing features for a FF7 PC remake. Could it be possible that Square Enix is working on remake of their best selling RPG. Fans have been screaming about wanting this for years.

Some of the features consisted of achievements, character booster, and cloud saves. According to what the site says about achievements the game will feature 36 brand new achievements to unlock and compare against friends. Character booster is a feature that allows you go increase your HP, MP, and Gil levels to maximum and enjoy the rest of your adventure. Finally cloud saves is the feature to allow you to continue your game on any PC with internet connection and the game. 

The game being remastered onto PC would be absolutely fantastic. Not only would the graphics of game be flying through the roof, but the online and mod community would go absolutely nuts over this. The amount of mods that would be produced for this game would be absolutely ridiculous. Needless to say a lot of PC gamers would go nuts for this remake, even though it wouldn't be on a Sony platform gamers would still download it.

Whether or not this is true fans everywhere are expressing their opinions about a possible remake. Square Enix has not come out in confirming or denying the story yet, but hopefully very soon they'll make a statement. 

Cameron Deao

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Evil Reborn

Originally released in Japan on March 22nd, 1996, Resident Evil for PS1 was a revolution in gaming. The story of four elite police officers, the S.T.A.R.S. (The Special Tactics and Rescue Service) getting trapped inside a spooky, but not quite haunted mansion, was the first console game to categorize itself in the "Survival Horror" genre. Instead of blasting everything that moved with the small arsenal of weapons provided to you by the game, you were encouraged to conserve your bullets, as ammo was scarce and your enemies took many hits to kill. At the time, the graphics were amazing, with 3D polygonal characters on top of beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds. The moan of the zombies added to the already haunting soundtrack, making your hairs stand on end. It was very well received at the time. The only complaint many had was the god-awful voice acting. It added to the "B-movie" feel of the game. After three successful sequels (and one awful spinoff), the creator of the franchise wanted to revisit the old mansion that started it all.

Six years later...

            The year was 2002. The Nintendo GameCube was trailing behind the juggernaut that was the Sony PlayStation 2, and Microsoft with its Xbox. It was regarded as being a "kiddy" system. Luigi's Mansion and Pikmin, despite being great games, turned off the older gamer with its bright colors and "cute" characters. Nintendo wanted to expand its demographic. So they came to Capcom and signed a deal with three new RE games exclusive to their purple box. Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 4 (which ended up being ported to PS2, PC, Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3), and a complete overhaul to the original Resident Evil. This is a "remake" in every sense of the word. Over "70% of the mansion is new" according to Capcom. The changes were drastic and subtle, like the addition of a whole new wing of the mansion, re-doing all the voice work, and even where zombies would appear. One change occurred that completely altered the way that you approached the act of zombie killing; I'm talking about the addition of Crimson Heads. In the original PlayStation game, when you killed zombies, they stay dead. In the remake they didn’t. If you left their bodies alone long enough, and you got close to one, the zombie you thought was dead would get up and start RUNNING at you. I tell you hwhat, I shrieked the first time a zombie started sprinting at me with it face melting off.

          While cosmetically, the game was completely retooled, gameplay wise, it remained largely unchanged, and that was where Resident Evil GameCube lost points. People were getting tired of the "tank controls" (Your character moved forward and backward according to where the character model was facing, not where the camera was facing, and pressing left or right would rotate the character, like a tank), critics called them cumbersome and restricting, but it's a complaint that's easy to overlook, as Resident Evil on the GameCube (also on the Wii) is a damn fine package. Highly reccomended. 9.5/10

Dominic Gallerani

All Around Gamer’s Ep. 41 “The Q&A Show”

This week on the podcast we were fortunate enough to get an emailed Q&A from Krillbite about their upcoming game Among The Sleep. They were kind enough to answer about a dozen questions for us to feature on the podcast. This week we also discussed a new upcoming Amnesia installment A Machine For Pigs. Cameron brought up the discussion of some Zelda remakes Nintendo is considering working on. Harrison brought up a discussion on the upcoming Skyrim Dawnguard DLC coming soon to Xbox 36. It was a fantastic podcast that everyone enjoyed recording.

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Cameron Deao

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Next Frictional Game.

As we all know Frictional games blessed us with the disturbing and disgusting Amnesia: The Dark Decent. Recently the company has been working with Thechineseroom, on a new limb of the Amnesia story, "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs."

You star as the "Wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus" IN HIS OWN HOUSE. From what we can see, its much like amnesia in the way you are hiding from monsters, and cannot defend yourself. The game looks quite remapped, smoothed better, and all around prettier. However, I did look into thechineseroom and what games the indie game company is creating. They seem to be a very promising company, so I look forward to playing thechineseroom games.

On the website, Frictional Games gives us some interesting concept art and gruesome images, very cool pictures you can put as a possible screen saver, or home pictures. If you haven't taken a look at the new trailer go ahead and get pumped for scaring the hell out of yourself.

All around (gamers[see wat ai did thar ;D]) it looks almost better than Amnesia.

Addy McMillin

Thursday, June 14, 2012

ThatGameCompany Goes Independent

For six years thatgamecompany has brought us not only games for us to enjoy but also pieces of art. Their library of games consists of Flow, Flower, and their latest hit Journey. Sony Computer Entertainment America brought them on to publish their games six years ago onto the PlayStation 3, and now their ready to move on.

After being limited to one specific platform for games TGC is ready to move onto doing what they want to do for games. They announced today that they've raised enough funding to develop and release their games independently. To help them go through with this they have been working with Mitch Lasky from Benchmark Capital to make their dream come true. With this news being released today co-founder Jenova Chen had stated that they already have plans for another project that they will be doing independently. He did not release any hints or ideas as to what the project will be, but TGC fans will know to expect great things from this development team.

The big thing that Jenova Chen had stated with this announcement is that everyone in the development team is looking forward to branching out into different platforms and bringing players around the world the best gaming experience they can get. This brings excitement to everyone considering the last three titles from the developer have been Sony exclusive games, now hopefully gamers on all platforms can enjoy the gaming style and art style that TGC has been known to deliver.

Everyone is up in joy over this announcement and hopefully gamers around the world are looking forward to seeing what comes out of the independent publishing of games for the company. If you haven't taken a look at Flow, Flower, or Journey all three are available on the PlayStation Network for download right now.

Good luck thatgamecompany and we hope your dream goes far and beyond what you expected!

Cameron Deao

All Around Gamer's Ep. 40 "The Round Table Show"

This week all of us were able to sit around the table in unison and discuss games over the last week. We discussed with Mike and Adam what we were looking forward to the most with The Last of Us and Watch Dogs from E3. Everyone also gave their opinions as to which games were the strongest and weakest from E3. We were also proud to announce our new website! Were very excited to begin working on the this website and bringing more stronger content to everyone!

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Cameron Deao

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Zelda Remakes?

It seems pretty clear that three of the most beloved Legend of Zelda games of all time would be Ocaraina of Time, A Link To The Past, and Majora's Mask. For years fans continually played through the games countless times, stayed up all night with friends playing them, and learned how to speed run the games to be the next world record holder. Now after the release of the OOT remake for the 3DS in June of 2011 Nintendo has been playing around with the idea of a new remake.
After the release of the OOT remake fans were loving the ability to play one of their favorite games of all time on the go, in great graphics, and great mechanics. Now fans are wanting another remake but Nintendo is torn on whether or not to do it, or even what game they should remake. Nintendo has come out in saying that they hope and plan to do a remake of both Majora's Mask and Link To The Past but what they are skeptical on is which should go on the 3DS and the Wii-U. Miyamoto from Nintendo came out in saying "We have lots of good opportunities in terms of thinking about which Zelda game is going to be best for which purpose".

For me personally I'm a little confused as to what they expect to do with a Link To The Past remake. They've already released Link To The Past on GameBoy and I can't really see it being a good remake on either platform unless they boost the visual style of the game dramatically. Majora's Mask in my opinion would be a great remake for the 3DS, mostly because we already saw OOT come out of the 3DS and it did fantastic. Considering both games are very similar it wouldn't be to difficult for Nintendo to produce that remake.
The last thing I wanted to address is I could see a remake of Majora's Mask on Wii-U would do well. I've not been very fond of the idea of the Wii-U since its announcement but I know fans like me would grab one for a Zelda remake and a new game added to it. The idea of a tablet as the controller for a Zelda game would be both great and fantastic for reasons such as inventory use and map, also the Wii-U would do great for a Majora's Make remake because of the graphical boost it could give the game. I think in a small sense Zelda fans want to see some of their favorite series brought into HD but Nintendo needs to be careful not to sacrifice the mechanics and game play that everyone has come to love over the last 26 years.

People are asking for these remakes and they want them bad. Earlier this month a fan released a supposed teaser trailer of a Majora's Mask remake and people loved it, even though it was a fan made trailer. If a fan could pull this off on his own time what could Nintendo do with Majora's Mask if the Wii-U has the mechanical power they say it does.

Our beloved games are in the hands of Nintendo as they toy with the ideas of remakes and I personally hope they make the right choice as to which game will go on which platform. Please don't let us down Nintendo.

Cameron Deao

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome Everyone

Hello everyone! Welcome to our new website for the All Around Gamer's that will house everything that you need and want to be an informed gamer.

This website will be used for writing articles, reviews, and announcements for games and more. We hope to have this site be your source of gaming news on a daily basis for all things related to gaming. We have some fantastic people who will be writing for us. Our writers consist of Cameron Deao, Adam McMillin, Harrison Deao, and Mike Koehling. With this group of people we will bring fresh and consistent content to you on a very consistent basis. We also host our podcast on Tuesday nights on a weekly basis and livestream consistently throughout the week. Be sure to tune in and subscribe to us on iTunes.

One of the features we will also be featuring on this website is user submitted content (that means you!). If you have any articles or reviews that you would like to have featured on this website then write them out, edit them from a rough draft, and email them to us at if we like what we see we will post it to the site and give you all the credit for the writing. Take your time with writing anything before submitting them to us, there is no need to rush any writing by any means.

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are about the website and we look forward to seeing what it holds in store for the future!

Cameron Deao
Founder and Host